Founded in 1988, Forlar has a solid and serious history, having established itself as a benchmark company in the sector.

With its own production and elaboration and exclusive partnerships which have been carefully chosen, we guarantee high quality in all aspects of the production process, from carefully and meticulously selecting raw materials to production, which allows us to respond to the most varied customer specificities, from cutting to stitching to decorative touches and embroidery..


Dedicated to the complete satisfaction of its customers’ needs, Forlar has a Stock Service which ensures speedy, high quality delivery, guaranteeing the continuity and availability of specific, personalised client products.
We believe that the key to a long-lasting relationship is experience, assurance and confidence in products and service.
Experience, Warranty, and confidence in the products and in the assistance

Our clients have a vast range of specificities in each area that we work - Bed, Table, Bath - and we respond to these by paying extra-special attention to ensuring that we fulfil all criteria of the composition, durability and resistance of products through rigorous and constant quality control throughout the whole production process, from the raw materials chosen to the careful finishing touches.
Every client is different. High quality production, embroidery and finish from a brand that customises and marks the difference.
The high requirement and to the wide range of specifications of our customers, according to the typologies of each area of activity - Bed, Table, Bathroom - respond with rapt attention to the compliance with the criteria of composition, durability and resistance of the products through a strict quality control and constant throughout the entire production process, from selection of raw material up to the care of the finishes.

Each client is unique. Cooking, finishing, embroidery great quality, add the brand that personalizes and distinguishes them.